Asset Management System led transformation in MTR

Asset Management System led transformation in MTR
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David Leung ; Quentin Leung
IET and IAM Asset Management Conference 2011
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۲۰۱۱ میلادی
MTR , IAM , PAS55 , Asset Management , RailASSURE
MTR Asset Management System for the operating railway, established and accredited to PAS55 since 2005, has led transformations in MTR's strategic approach in managing its assets, bringing significant benefits to stakeholders now and in the future, be they passengers, employees, investors or regulators. These transformations has brought MTR a more proactive and well-prepared position with a protocol in asset management to face the ever growing challenges of its business increasing societal aspirations, life assurance of aging assets, introduction of new assets, operations continuity, continuous productivity improvements, competent workforce, capital funding for asset renewal, etc.; and more importantly to grow the business and realise long term benefits in a commercially responsible manner. The MTR Asset Management Committee plans and oversees the implementation of these transformations. In this paper, we will describe some of these transformations in various asset management aspects.
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